Lord Schweitzer "The Heated" Hasenfeffer DaunDaunessenfer (James)

"Death or Glory awaits us lads"


Army: Empire

General: Lord Schweitzer “The Heated” Hasenfeffer DaunDaunessfer, Weilder of the sacred samophlange “Arch Lector”
Lietenant: Friedricht “The Deuce” Deutschmarr. “General of the Empire”
Lietenant: Professor Victor von TotenKopf. “Battle Wizard”

Allies: Bretonnia / Eric
Nemesis: Bruce the Hulk / Will

units of legend: none

Artifacts: none
Relics: 1


Lord Schweitzer
Son to Count Raukov and leader of Ostland’s forces in the badlands to represent the Empire of Karl Franz. His Fiery cermons, ability to rouse the troops and Couragous acts of bare knuckle boxing made him the primary choice to lead this campaign. “Death or Glory awaits us lads”

Friedricht “The Deuce”
Famed general of the empire, Friedricht commands the battlefield whenever he steps foot. What makes “The Duece” so fammed, is it the might of his hammer, the massiveness of his plumage or something more?

Victor von TotenKopf
Assigned to Lord Schweitzer for his ability to get results. He was not a favored choice by Lord Schweitzer but was assigned none-the-less by senior command. Victor TotenKopf a wizard from the Altdorf school of magic was always ambitious for power. After a freak accident burning his flesh, he dawned a full armored mask to cover his scarred face. Since the accdient his lust for desctruction has overwhelmed his personality to the point of magelomania.

Lord Schweitzer "The Heated" Hasenfeffer DaunDaunessenfer (James)

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