Guy Lachance


Army: Bretonnia
General: Guy LaChance

Allies: Empire, because humans, that’s why.
Nemsis: Vampire Counts/Genevieve LaChance. The perversion of the sacred lady will not stand!

Regiments of Renown: Grail Knights – Army 1 (Guy LaChance) – Always Strikes First

Artifacts: Mantle of Damsel Elena (Guy LaChance) The Wyrmlance (Vivienne)
Relics: Unknown

Lieutenants: Edgard Guillory Delacroix (Bretonnian Lord)
Prophetess Vivienne (Prophetess of the Lady)


As children the trio of Guy, Edgard and Geneviève were inseparable, often getting into mischief that only the sons and daughters of nobility could get away with. When Geneviève started having prophetic dreams and strange occurrences happening solely around her the whole house of LaChance began to fret. When Fey Enchantress arrived to whisk young Geneviève away many were relieved. For better or worse, Geneviève was no longer the worry or responsibility of the noble house of LaChance. That is except for of course her brother Guy. When she was taken Guy and his best friend and cousin Edgard made a pact that they would find Geneviève and rescue her.

Years passed, young Guy and Edgard grew up as usual for sons of Bretonnia, on the jousting pitch, first squiring then themselves being knighted. Served their duty as knights errant in which they were part of a successful counter charge that ultimately saved the life of Duke Cassyon from a greenskin ambush, thus earning themselves the title of Knight of the Realm.

The day Geneviève returned to the LaChance family was a day of great rejoicing for Guy and Edgard. Though she did not return as their sister and friend, but as a damsel of the lady, emissary of will of Bretonnia it’s self. Joy quickly turned to desperation when Geneviève disappeared from her chambers, with obvious signs of struggle. So it was then that Guy and Edgard renewed their pact to rescue Geneviève once again. This time however, they were more than mere children. Thusly they set down their lances, took up the questing vow and went off in search of their Damsel in distress.

Years of searching and monster slaying eventually led them to the steps of Blood Keep. Where they believed the vampire responsible for kidnapping beautiful Geneviève resided, along with a small entourage of martially minded vampires. Guy and Edgard had little choice but to fight their way through a group of blood knights to confront their dastardly leader. A brief but intense battle ensued as the pair fought back to back to hold off on the vampires assault. However, before the final blow was struck, the villainous vampire chuckled derisively at the pair, revealing that he was not only Geneviève’s kidnapper, but also her sire. Enraged the duo struck at the villain like lightning, eventually slaying the lord of Blood Keep. Geneviève was not there, nor had she been for awhile. The two grieved for the loss of their sister and friend as they left the castle when they were visited by a vision of The Lady, the pact was clear, they were to save Geneviève.

The two, now Grail Knights blessed by The Lady herself were off to save Geneviève once more, by blessing or by lance, from the living hell that she endured as a vampire.

Guy Lachance

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