Elisabeta Anca


Army: Warriors of Chaos
General: Elisabeta Anca (Lindsay)


Ally: Ogres (Doug R.)
Nemesis: Keith (Warriors)

Raised on the stories of Archeon and his glorious victories, Elisabeta set out to prove her prowess on the battlefield at an early age, leaving her northern home and venturing south to the promises of power. Joined by her two cousins the trio set off to ravage any village they found and carved a swath of destruction through the countryside. The reputation of their destruction caused warriors from all over to join them and soon their armies were marching further into the southern realms, leaving panic and despair in their wake. Her drive to prove herself as a wizard caught the attention of a nearby warlord; drunk on power she and her armies spurned is offer of an alliance and instead burned his trading port to the ground. Blood was shed on both sides that day creating a feud that carries to this day, when not moving further south her armies can be found raiding and defending against this new enemy.

Elisabeta Anca

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