Geneviève Lachance


Army: Vampire Counts
General: Countess Genevieve Valentine Lachance

Allies: No diplomacy employed as of yet.
Nemesis: Bretonnia (Eric)

Units of Legend: Unknown

Artifacts: Unknown
Relics: Unknown


Once taken as a Damsel of the Lady, Geneviève Lachance was to enjoy a life of prestige upon her return to Bretonnia. Fate beyond cruel, however, saw her forcibly turned into a living insult. The perverted novelty enjoyed by her sire became utter delight when the horrific realization struck that she could no longer live in the land she longed to return to. Now a vampire, Geneviève is regarded as not only an abomination but also an affront to all the Lady stands for. Crushed by unbearable grief, her mind gave way to madness. Thus the Countess Lachance holds the vehement desire to raze all that is Bretonnia, for only then will her sorrow be no more.

Geneviève Lachance

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