Lumin Valkyr


Army: Dark Elves
General: Lumin Valkyr, Dreadlord
1st Lieutenant: Koreorl, Dreadlord (loyal retainer with no personal ambition)
2nd Lieutenant: Gesdreir, Supreme Sorceress (Rival of Lunarith Valkyr, eldest of the Valkyr siblings)

Allies: The dead, blinded by revenge, make for useful…allies.
Nemesis: None remaining at the moment


Lumin Valkyr, General
Only son but third born of a highborn family known for their magical prowess, he seeks to correct the mistakes of his father and mother. A nearly fatal mistake, as his parents disobeyed an order by the Witch King in a foolish attempt at destroying some petty rivals. As his mother and father were being affixed to Malekith’s keep as adornments, Lumin was able to use what little connections and respect the family had remaining to separate the fate of his parents from that of the siblings. However, with no favors remaining to call on and allies all but absent, the siblings have banded together to regain their place in the echelons of druchii society. Leading what few troops the family controls while the sisters supply much needed magical support, Lumin knows that it will take more than some petty coastal raids to even start the process of regaining the respect and power the family once wielded.

Koreorl, 1st Lieutenant and loyal retainer to the Valkyr family
For centuries, Koreorl has served the Valkyr family as their master of arms and chief military adviser. As skilled in matters of statecraft as of martial prowess, he has been acknowledged as one of the prime reasons for the Valkyr family’s power prior to their fall and yet is treated with contempt by most others due to his oddly complete lack of ambition. No one, not even the remaining Valkyr siblings know how he came to work for the family or what payment was promised him as he provides no answers to those questions, asks for nothing and accepts only the most practical of gifts with his eternally bored expression. Normally this would be a recipe for distrust but Koreorl has proven himself so loyal the siblings would sooner believe that water was dry than to believe he would betray them. It was his suggestion that they band together to reclaim the rank and power lost by their parents and that alone was enough for them to put aside their petty issues and start planning.

Gesdreir, 2nd Lieutenant and rival of the eldest Valkyr Sibling
In the endless power struggles and jockeying for position within the Dark Covenant of Sorceress, Lunarith Valkyr often clashed with another sorceress by the name of Gesdreir. Fairly equal in power, they each considered the other as the biggest hurdle in climbing the ranks of that eldritch group and yet neither could best the other for many years. The stalemate was posed to end with Lunarith as the winner when she was able to convince her younger twin sisters to help but things never go as planned. Days away from the fruition of those schemes, Lunarith and her sisters found themselves nearly outcasts after the actions of their parents and it was all they could do to keep themselves alive much less in any position of power. However, Gesdreir’s elation was short lived as her struggles against Lunarith did not go unnoticed. Those much higher in the Covenant felt the need to remove the threat the two upstarts posed and enacted their own machinations against the apparent winner Gesdreir. Unable to beat the schemes of those elder sorceress with her resources, it was she who told the Valkyr family of the Floating Fortress and the power claiming it would bring. Despite their tenuous position in society, Gesdreir knows first hand of Lunarith’s power and sees her plight as an excellent way to boost her own position.

Lumin Valkyr

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