Razel Feardrinker


Army: Ogre Kingdoms
General: Razel Mawseeker

Allies: Warriors of Chaos (Led by Elisabeta Anca)
Nemesis: None currently, I have feasted upon the souls of all who dare face me!

Units of Legend: None Currently
Lieutenants: Kuzolg Belchfist and Sertag Suneater

Artefacts: None currently
Relics: 1


I have reached the precipice of the Maw, and now I, Razel, am Master of the World! The power fills me! I feel the Maw within me, I am a part of the great beast, it’s energy flows through me! Of what consequence are you to me now? The Maw is POWER! pure unstoppable POWER! And I am that force, I am that POWER! I have no equal! I am more that any overtyrant! More than life! I am a GOD!

Razel Feardrinker

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