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Character creation.

Keep in mind that for the campaign you will have a specific general of your creation. So look through your army book and create your character and post it. Create a story about that character if you want. That is all that needs to be done for the character. Later you will need to determine which magic items, powers and abilities.

In the campaign you will have 2 units of legend. heroic warriors whose skill and victories are renown throught the land. These units of your choice will be the same starting size, same equipment and command each time you field them. Before the campaign starts you will identify these heroic warriors in the character page.

Ally and Nemesis will have a part in the game. Pick one ally and one nemesis. if you wish you can include that into your character fluff. each player can only be one ally and nemesis. so we won’t have duplicate allies and nemesis.

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Heroes and Lieutenants

Regiments of Renown

Current Army Effects

Main Page

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