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Updated 12/5/12 again. Adding charts for Blood in the Badlands to the forums section.

Updates! 12/5/12
-Reviewed core rules for terrain. Defenders using terrain in their homelands had been slightly modified to allow for balance. The Arcane Architecture:Wizard’s tower and Hill:Temple of skulls terrain types cannot be used a defendable piece of terrain you pick. These terrain types were meant for a randomized roll and a random placement to balance them. By using them under the rules we are proposing would provide an unfair balance to the game.

Placement of the terrain occurs after table is set and sides are picked. One piece of terrain may be replaced by one of your choosing from the core book (or white dwarf like Garden of Morr). This can be in your deployment or your opponents’ deployment zone.

-Magic Items and Extra Army point allotments. Rolling on the mines table, Random events table and the spoils of war table can provide extra points for a magic item or extra points for your army. The Magic items are just extra points that can break the total point value of the army, meaning if you are running a 2500pt army and get a 40pt magic item it doesn’t change your army 25% values for core etc. It just adds the magic item on top of the list total.

The extra army points granted by spoils of war will actually modify your total army point value thereby increasing your core requirement. Beyond the core requirement you can spend the extra points where you want within the limitations of your book. One thing to consider is that your heroes of legend (Hero and lieutenants) along with the regiments of renown must remain the same configuration (size, equipment, magic items, etc).

One last note on this topic. The combined extra magic items and extra points allotment cannot exceed 25% more points than the opponent you are fighting. Again for balance.

-Overmap Armies and representation. After much discussion with fellow players and veterans alike, Garrett volunteered to assist in tracking the overmap and armies. The initial rules for the overmap are still fine but we will all need to make 3 unique markers for each army we have to represent the 3 different characters leading our forces. Each marker should be on a 25mm base and be different from each other to tell which hero of legend is leading it. When you fight a battle with that army token, that hero of legend must be a part of that list along with any regiment of renown you have there. aside from that the rest of the list can be whatever you want to make for standard games. When fielding the main hero of legend in an army list, he/she must be the general in the army they are in. The lietenants can be in any role such as Lords, Heroes, upgrade characters etc. Aside from that there isn’t a requirement for the hero to be a lord or hero choice from your book. When getting a bonus magic item you must record where you gave the item to in which army.

Army 1 – Hero : Carl Franz on deathclaw
Army 2 – Lieutenant 1 : Battle Wizard Lord on Griffon 40pt magic item
Army 3 – Lieutenant 2 : Witch hunter

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